The Waiter and the Air Hostess

I recently boarded a European flight when the plane was delayed. Part of the air conditioning unit wasn’t functioning – apparently even small planes need two, should one break down. I’m English,

Don’t let your ego break your back

A few years ago, my yoga instructor told me that he broke his back. Doing Yoga. I was pretty surprised at the time. In Yoga, your ego is called Asmita, and in

Happiness Economics – The price of happiness

It is widely acknowledged that there are three main pillars of your life, the combined value of which add up to how happy you are. Your work, home, and your personal life.

Why Thank You is never too late

This blog is inspired by my sister, who told me a couple of weeks back, that she’d received a thank you reply to her ‘Thank You’ note to the writer Brandon Sanderson,

Part 2 – Why the world is changing at the people level

If you have time, please refer to my last blog which is the first part of this and sets the scene. We are entering a period of seismic change at the human

Part 1 – Growing Pains – The Paradox of Success

The pain of growth is the paradox of success. It’s at your busiest times, when facing new deadlines, you also have the greatest opportunity. When under that pressure, it can take super-strength

The power of human energy in strong leadership

I watched a fantastic TED talk given by Angela Ahrendts (former CEO – Burberry, current Head of Retail – Apple) and it has stayed with me. The subject of her talk was human energy. Before

The Geography of Invoicing

Sorry for the delay, that last blog was quite a hard act to follow! Now… I would like to inject a bit of fun into this blog, just because I want to

Why feminism isn’t a female issue

I chose not to make this post on Women’s Day, which took place a few weeks ago. This is not an easy topic to discuss, it’s so fraught with judgement and opinion

What do you want to be?

Every now and then it is time to take stock on where you have got to in life, how you feel about it, and what you are going to do about it.

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