The joy of giving

I wasn’t planning to post anything on Christmas Eve. But I’m in Myanmar (Burma) on my holidays, and the extreme jet lag and that this post has been buzzing around in my

Beauty and the beast

This takes me back to an existential lecture I attended at University when I was about 19. Not much of what I learned back then about Descartes stayed with me, but a

The Luxembourg RAIF – Luxembourg to be a brave pioneer again

Luxembourg is about to surprise the international alternative investments arena by discussing and (most probably) launching a new investment vehicle dedicated to a limitless range of investment classes: the Reserved Alternative Investment

The truth about lying

I nearly chocked on my breakfast last week. My partner was telling me about the VW story. I’d heard a bit of the news earlier in the week, but it wasn’t until he explained

Why life is too short

There are two cranes in front of my house. One night I watched as one moved, and then the other, to face in the complete opposite direction. I couldn’t believe my eyes,

The Hong Kong-China Mutual Recognition Scheme and its impact on the Asian asset management industry

The Hong Kong-China mutual recognition scheme is, finally, set to launch on July 1st – mere days away. After numerous delays and rumours that the scheme had been pushed back to later

What we can learn from Lewis

Sport has a unique ability to highlight aspects of human psychology. Lewis Hamilton’s latest run has been inspiring to say the least. I’m writing this the day after the Austrian Grand Prix,

Want a brilliant Private Equity career?

Over the last 10 years of recruiting in Private Equity across Europe and Asia, I would like to share the two most important factors for delivering a successful career in the PE business. Don’t

The Architect of Success

This blog is inspired by my younger sister, currently mid-training to be an Architect. Her course was so competitive that just to get onto it, she had to get 4 A’s (of

The elephant conservationist

I don’t consider myself an animal lover. But this blog is inspired by the true story of an elephant conservationist I heard about last week. It’s actually a story about leaders, life,

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