Recognising potential


We don’t look for CVs, we look for people who have the potential to do an outstanding job. We might occasionally advise clients to meet candidates they wouldn’t otherwise consider, people we have a feeling they might like, because we are thinking outside the box. Sometimes we advise candidates we don’t think the job they are looking for, is actually the one that make them happy, and why. The Funds Partnership team get to know our clients and our candidates personally. We believe that investing our time now, will save everyone’s time later.

The networking process

Is not an overnight success. We’ve been specialised for years, and have completed many mandates in asset management. Knowing the market before being mandated means we can react fast. We are a quality over quantity business and our clients reach out to us early, so we can speak to people early. Most of our candidates are not actively looking. If you receive a call from a Funds Partnership Consultant, listen to what they have to say, it will be worth it. They would have done quite a bit of research on you, and it might change your life for the better. We often know people a long time before they know us, take it as a compliment!

Quality over quantity

Funds Partnership works with an attractive cross-section of the Industry. Our clients expect a high ratio of success in finding the employee both precisely and quickly. Our in-depth knowledge enables us to make strong matches, and our transparency and honesty in the process ensures they are set for success from day one. The strength of the matches we make ensure low candidate drop-out rates, and many of our clients turn to us exclusively before long. Their commitment to us creates an even higher service level, based on trust. We don’t tie our clients into contracts which they can’t escape from.

Firms will notice that they rarely receive a call from Funds Partnership Consultant they don’t know. We don’t believe in building our brand in an aggressive manner, our business grows through referrals, another reason why we operate with integrity.

We are dynamic and specialised, and our partnerships are based on integrity and trust. These are our values.