Recognising potential

Careers with Funds Partnership

Are you highly proactive, with bags of initiative and energy?

At Funds Partnership we believe that our employees are our most important asset in achieving success. In order to maintain our image at an international level, we need to constantly invest in our staff. We have a fair and open reward structure. Due to the unique nature of our business we can provide potential for personal development on an international level, ensuring that everybody gains experience they need before becoming independent on a market.

To be a successful consultant at Funds Partnership you need to be a strong communicator, pay attention to detail, be very highly motivated, responsible, tenacious and have a strong, unwavering will to deliver for our clients. We can teach you the rest.

Ideally you also speak 2 European languages but excellent professionals without those can still make it work.

A clear path ahead

All who join our team have a clear career path, beginning as a Researcher for a training period, promoted to Consultant and then on to Team Leader. The key thing is that we don’t put people into boxes and you will notice that we work hard to figure out what kind of person you are before we set your targets. There are no rules here, if you prove you can make something work we will give you the support to develop your ideas.

Currently we have a position open for an Associate Director, Consultant and Researcher. For more details please get in touch.

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