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Funds Partnership works with the top talent in the investment management sector. We make it our business to know all the best people, and the best companies, all of the time. And the search doesn’t end there. Our theory is that if we are really going to attract the best people, we have to provide them with the best opportunities, which means having the best clients in the market.

Unique links

We have unique links to market-leading companies throughout Europe and Asia. Thanks to our specialisation, we really understand skills in our area, so our analysis is more than a simple keyword matching exercise. If you are already looking at our site then you are one of few, we do not advertise heavily – preferring to source both active and passive candidates through our network.

Returning the favour

If you have benefited from the work of Funds Partnership we warmly invite you to refer us to strong contacts in your sector as this is the fastest way for our network to grow. Good people know good people. These are the kind of people we are always looking for. Knowing about them will mean that we can offer them opportunities that may not be advertised, and we can keep them in mind if something really good comes up.

If you are selected for our shortlist, we can help review your CV to ensure it presents you in the best light, and in our interview process, we try to provide you with as much feedback as possible.

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