The leaders you should still hire in a downturn

I was reading a business blog over the last few days, and one piece of advice was not to over-hire in the current downturn. From one perspective this is right, as hiring

How Brexit changed work opportunities in Luxembourg and London’s Financial Industry

The Brexit vote, coupled with austerity, has hurt UK households more than any recession in the past 60 years. Now the pound has slipped further from a 27-month low against the dollar

Why I’m #SupportingSerena, and you should too

Last year I was going to write a blog about Serena Williams, because when she won her last Grand Slam in 2017, I felt surprised that not a lot of people were

How the GDPR is about to change the face of the recruitment industry, for the better

I have been talking about the GDPR for a few months now. I’m excited about it, and I’ll tell you why. A few months ago I was involved in THIS conversation on

5 things my newborn taught me, which 10 years running a business, didn’t.

Before being pregnant myself, I had heard other working mums say that having a baby, equipped them better for work. I couldn’t really imagine it, until I had a baby myself, in

5 Amazing Reasons Bright Grads in Finance and Law should move to Luxembourg now

Little known Luxembourg, is a super star on a global scale, boasting the largest non-domestic Funds business in the world. The funds industry, the business of investing large pools of capital in

When actions speak louder than words

When I first started working in Luxembourg, about 10 years ago now, one of the Managing Partners of a top firm gave me a piece of advice: “I operate with one rule,

How Brexit is impacting the Luxembourg recruitment market

It is almost a year since millions of people woke up to a new reality on 24th June 2016; the UK had decided to leave the EU. I woke up at 4am

Where change leads us

I was running this weekend in my local park. Along the side of the park is a row of old 70’s pre-fabricated houses, the kind that are actually grey in colour. Uninspiring,

RESOLUTIONS & TRANSITIONS: The highs & lows of 2016, and expectations of 2017

2016. Depending on whom you ask, you might get varied responses from people. Ranging from “What a year! It was great!” or “Fantastic overall” to “Lacklustre, not ideal” or “absolutely terrible”. What

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