How to find your true calling

I’ve spent most of the last 10 years trying to solve this puzzle. What is it that makes a person happy, and how can you match that to a job? Recruiting well

I set up my own fund because of “Inequity in Founder Economics”

Bang! You lose your investment team in one go! This is what happened to one of my fund management clients recently. The investment team left to launch their own fund backed by

9 things I have learned in the last 9 years of running a start up

It is now 9 years since I took the leap of faith at 24, to set up on my own, with another top biller from a large corporate recruitment firm. Now we

Can Uber fix us?

I was at a conference lately, checking my phone. A waiter stopped me and said to me in French ‘when you’re drinking water, look at the glass’ (i.e. not your phone) I

Luxembourg Visit to London – FinTech and Brexit – Opportunities rather than threats

Luxembourg is very well known as quite an unrivalled investment funds hub. However not many acknowledge what the Grand Duchy can effectively offer to other business domains, such as to High Tech

It’s a beautiful day

I lately got English TV, and was flicking through when I came across ITV1’s Real Stories with Ranveer Singh. With all the shocks, shakes and explosions of the last few weeks, I

London’s great leveller

2016 has been a manic year which doesn’t seem to let up. It started with the deaths of many of our most loved musicians, artists and actors. It carried on with the

Communication and really connecting

I don’t know whether it’s the way news travels, but I have been feeling like there is a lot of bad news lately. 2016 started with more than just a bang. We

A “public” take on a Private Equity affair

I met a friend recently whom I had helped earlier get a job as a Trader. Hellos led to coffee and a general discussion about our experiences working with Hedge Fund &

The colour purple

This isn’t going to be an article about Prince, its about the power of people like him. The colour purple Since I was 12, my favourite colour has been purple. I played

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