Precision delivery

Keep your business moving

We provide a temporary recruitment service to keep your business moving. As your workload may be unusually high due to sickness or simply the holiday season it can be difficult to maintain your business momentum. A reliable source of quality temporary staff is an invaluable asset.

At Funds Partnership we understand that you need more than individuals with the right skills: you need people who can fit in with your existing team straight away and have the flexible attitude needed to make themselves immediately effective. That’s why our starting point is understanding: so we supply the right staff with the right skills every time.

Choosing all the right people

All our candidates are carefully screened and filtered so that only top-quality candidates are registered. We attract and retain this high standard because we provide our staff with a full contract of employment, best in class benefits and training, so you have access to a stable and motivated workforce.

Be confident in your temporary staff

Whether you need cover for a day or a week, or are looking to adapt your entire workforce to match business demands and improve your flexibility quickly, you can rely on Funds Partnership to supply the people you need.