Precision delivery

Our standard offering is a combination of Search and Selection and will find the right profile with minimal fuss; using both pure search techniques and more standard contingency means such as advertising and brand awareness campaigns.

Comprehensive Analysis

Our approach to a new vacancy depends on the maturity of the market, whether the type of business you are conducting is already commonly found in the region. Either way, when we start a new relationship we are happy to demonstrate our effectiveness by working on a success-fee basis if this is possible. We believe that the quality of our work will speak for itself, and if you are happy you will come back to us, as many of our clients have.


Maximum output, minimum fuss

In most cases we are the only agent or one of a small number working with our clients. Our clients prefer to receive a small number of fully screened candidates, all of which would be interview-standard, so this is what we do. One in every four interviews results in an offer. We do the hard work so you don’t have to.

Boutique Offering

As a boutique firm we work with an attractive cross-section of the industry. Our clients are outstanding companies as we are only comfortable in presenting good opportunities to people we are head-hunting for a move. We believe in the integrity of our work and will only move candidates if it is a benefit to them. This is important to us as we can only increase our network through positive experiences.